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tips Tuning Snare Drum Pearl Championship FFX-1412 dan FFXS-1309

Tuning High Tension Snare Drum has a different way each of his brand. Of course for Pearl Championship Series has its own way too. Here are tips on how to tuning Pearl Championship Snare Drum Series

1. Select the appropriate Drumhead
There are several common types of drumhead used to maximize the sound of the Snare Drum. To choose the head of Kevlar fabric because it Snare Drum Pearl Championship Series is designed for high pressure. Better use of Remo Drumhead, and there are two types of Falams II and White / Blackmax. Each has a unique character, but should we return to the trainers, the character of what he wanted. Head down to two types, too, Kevlar and Mylar. Kevlar to maximize sound and snappy snare tuning is much higher. But basically enough Mylar drumhead.

2. Installation Drumhead
The basic principle is expected of Snare Drum is a high voice and a tight head pressure so that the reflection can be more responsive stick. For that the key lies in the process of tightening bolts. Pressure of each side of the bolt should be equally, the safest is to tighten the cross. To determine whether the pressure is evenly enough to hit the area near the bolt, his voice must be the same. Likewise with the drumhead. Origin of the same pressure, it can be tightened drumhead as possible without any risk of rupture. The pressure on the drumhead would be much faster than the bottom, it's because the Kevlar material is thicker on the drumhead.

3. Tone Drumhead
Although the emphasis drumhead louder but the tone should be less than half the head down. Standard tuning is C for the drumhead and C # to head down. Head down to accelerate higher response from his snappy snare, which can offset the pressure on the tight head.

4. Pressure Snappy Snare
To tighten each nylon snare, then the off position before. Then each nylon snare tone and tighten until there is stable. Would be better if each of the nylon snare the same tone. Then the position on the snare and the snare position of the same nylon flat head touched down. Do not let the pressure of different left and right so that there is one position nylon snare tilted upward. After seeing the same nylon snares touch the surface of head flat, round knob again to memperkencang voltage Stainer Stainer nylon. Make sure every surface nylon snare vibrates evenly along the surface of the drumhead.

5. Addition Silencer
There are some people who feel the character of the snare drum sound is too wet, so adding tape or tape on snarenya nylon, to make a little crunchy. Basically for Snare Drum Pearl Championship Series was not necessary, logically if nylon snarenya muted, meaning snarenya voice will be lost and it's not anymore snare drum. But if it is needed, add one or two strips on the corner just opposite from where the position of on / off nylon snare, so as not to interfere with the work the pedals on / off the

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