Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

DRUM set

Cymbals consist of:
Hihat cymbals:
"Heart" cymbals and drums. Allows you to keep time / tempo. Consists of a pair of cymbals size 8 "to 15", standard size 14 "
Ride cymbals:
Same function with hihat, but with a shape and a different voice. Consists of only one size cymbals but besar18 "to 22", standard size 20 "
Crash cymbals:
Useful to provide phase / tone in a song. Size 13 "to 22", depending on the players taste.
Effect cymbals:
Consists of splash, bell, china, and swiss. Useful to give "color" on a particular song. Splash and ordinary bell size 6 "to 12" and for china and swiss usually measuring 16 "to 22".

To beat the bass drum, double pedal is also available, the pedals that use 2 pedals and 2 bat or beater to get better sound on the bass drum.
Hihat stand:
Placing hihat cymbals so you can open and close the two cymbals with your left leg.
Cymbal stand:
Putting all kinds of all kinds except hihat cymbals.
Snare stand:
Placing snare drum.
Tom holder / tom stand:
Place the tom-tom
Drumhead have type size, function and different thicknesses. Consists of 3 parts. Batter's head, the drum head khusu designed to hit. Resonant, only placed at the bottom of tom-toms and bass drum in front, head is not to hit, useful to give "live" on the tom-toms and bass drums. Last snare side, solely to put at the bottom of the snare to snare wirenya, is the thinnest head, not to hit

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