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Profile BNG Music Stores

BNG, Si Jago Tools Music

By: Yuyun Manopol / Farida Nawang Nurini
As the carriage moves involved. That's the music equipment business parable. As the development of the music world increasingly passionate (and the view that music can be a source of livelihood), the fate of the music equipment business - both sales and rentals - the more terdongkrak.

That, at least seen from the increase in serious player in business. If ditelisik depth, ten years ago, there were only three major players are responsible for selling musical instruments, namely: PT Bahana Nada Gemilang (BNG Sound Equipment & Musical Instrument or commonly called BNG), Yamaha, and Citra Intirama. Today, that number continued to grow despite the lack of a fantastic growth. Noted, appears the name? A brisk enough business stage musical equipment such as Delta and extremely beautiful Gatra (MG Sport & Music).

From a number of players in this business, BNG arguably one of the respectable hero. Almost all musical instruments, including sound system, dididstribusikan him. "We focus on musical instruments (life instrument), like (which is) a band. And just exploring musical instruments for a marching band or a brass instrument," said Imron R. Wahjoepramono, Deputy Director I BNG. No wonder, ranging from guitar, bass, electric keyboards, drums, percussion, acoustic piano to be here.

BNG is recorded as one of the successful players. Eye alone, seen from its coverage, the company now has a network of 150 dealers across Indonesia. In fact, since two years ago, three retail stores in Jakarta have been established: in Kelapa Gading, Pondok Indah arteries, and Pinangsia. Retail store with the flag is flown Planet Music.

That is just the physical appearance. Which makes quite proud BNG management, corporate earnings growth in the range 15% -20% / year. Indeed, this decline in 1997 than before the crisis which is above 20%-an. However, given the economic situation in the country who still hold sway, 15% -20% is not a bad achievement.

Looking back, BNG current success (and prakrisis), virtually unthinkable before. Understandably, the company was founded in 1983, was only sound system rental companies. Only two years later (1985), BNG developed into a distributor and was appointed as sole distributor of certain brands after a number of principals to see the positive performance of BNG.

At the beginning of his business, distributing BNG only two brands. First, Study the Masters, British-made mixer products needed recording companies. Second, Shure Microphone from the United States. Later, the brand is handled developed into 20 brand. Famous one is the Korg.

According to Imron, who held a brand belonging to the BNG have a name. "Except for one brand from China marketed itself, which we named the Audio Control,? He said. Explained Imron, a product of better targeting the Chinese market-bottom communities. In the State's own Bamboo Curtain, virtually the music industry developing very rapidly. Almost all instruments in the world are produced in the land of the Kung Fu master. And since many use the system or pattern? a tailor?, musical instruments made in China came out with no brand. "We can get some type of musical equipment. Furthermore, we are packing their marketing strategy in Indonesia, "Imron revealed.

Of all those who market, currently the best-selling products sold BNG is a Korg keyboard. Previously, prices ranged in the number USD 16-35 million. But now, Korg offers a particular type of cost only Rp perched on the number 7 million. "Demand is very high type. We were very overwhelmed," Imron said.

When dissected, despite the success of BNG was conducted marketing strategy. According to Imron, in marketing their products, BNG not emphasize communication through advertising but rather focus on the consumer's hearing. Here, there are two ways to go. First, the demo clinic. Through this method, BNG a show, and invited artists and consumers.

Now, BNG is the pioneer of endorsing artists in this way. BNG provides musical instruments to a number of national artists who were popular in each instrument, like drums, keyboards or bass. Furthermore, the artists were contracted for a certain period. Fill one of the contract clause: during the contract period, each time the artist was on tour or appear, they must wear brand owned by BNG. Then, after a period of the contract period runs out, the instrument had become the property concerned.

That way the first marketing. The second point is to be on television. Way, by supporting one of the TV show, for example Gebyar BCA which lasted from five years ago. Forms of cooperation, mentioned Imron, all the instruments supported Gebyar BCA BNG. Then, just as the first way of marketing, musical instruments will be granted based on the termination of the agreed contract. Usually, more Imron, to realize this activity BNG require an investment of about USD 200 million. The average 2-3 year contract period.

"We had to create a show like this, because there biggest eksposenya. People can be aware than through advertising," said Imron disclose the reasons taken over the marketing strategy. And if talk of hope increased awareness, positive results practically. BNG itself, continued Imron, had conducted a survey on some music users. The result? Apparently they did a lot to know BNG of the event.

Now, in addition to establishing partnerships with Indosiar, BNG is also working with other TV stations, such as TransTV. In fact, by expanding the market, cooperation with SCTV was explored. This is done because as well as continuing cake sweet, BNG should really active in this industry if you do not want cake brushed people.

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