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Music Store Profile melodia

Melodia Music
Initially the company was only music school named melodia. The school was founded by Sorento Winarto - diSurabaya reliable piano teachers in 1980. later, he developed a business as a distributor and retailer of musical instruments.

Target market is high among the rare brand of products circulating in the market. Positioning products that offer exclusive and limited nature. Local bands and the board of origin surabaya (Gods & Rice) is a permanent customer.

In 1992, Sorento died so that the business is continued by the third anakanya. The hands of his three sons, grow more rapidly melodia. Melodia also entered into a sound system rental business. Three children, hoping melodia dibisis player distributors, retail, and rental of musical instruments with a full terintegritas system.

Not only that, melodia also would play dibisnis solutions. The reason, during his regular customers often ask for their advice in choosing musical instruments to produce the best game and best sound.

They plan to realize this hope in the next five years. They will stay focused on the music business, especially musical instruments and audio recording equipment is fully integrated with the product quality hi-end. The third vision picture of this young boy looks at a melodia Music [MM].

For the third bersudara divides the task. Setiawab winarto 2nd child of 3 brothers to take care of business and retail distribution of musical instruments. His brother manages a music school, while his brother sound system rental business and trusted Winarto Setiawan two brothers as the main director is responsible for daily operations of business overall MM.

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