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Music is organized sound, a tone, beat and rhythm. Music can be an entertainer sat in sorrow, can motivate the spirit of music in times of struggle, the music can be a means of expression of love to the lover, the music can relax their minds when faced with fatigue life.

Thus a small portion of the benefits and functions of music. Can we imagine this world without music, ironic is not it? Like a man without a woman, a flower without the butterflies, vegetables without salt, so surely the world would be empty.

Music In The Church
As for his own role in church music or worship is a place to express kindness, justice, holiness and glory of God. Muik is a means to praise and worship to God. On the other hand the music is also used as a tool of Satan worship or idols, with certain sounds they use music to summon evil spirits for an interest.
Music can provide coolness in the heart when we hear the rhythm of harmony, rhythm slow, good poetry, too poetic. It would be a good benefit if the music is packed in a nice view and beautiful.
In particular the spiritual spectacles, music can provide a great impact in someone's life. The Bible provides many examples that the music smoothly the power and influence of the life of mankind.
With music, David, King Saul to heal from the pain caused by crazy evil spirits (1 Samuel), with music Joshua and the Israelites to destroy the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6), with singing and music Jehoshaphat defeated nation of Moab and Ammon (1 Chronicles 20 ), and with songs and music of Peter and Silas can be freed from jail by a miraculous way.
Dikala we raise our praise to God, then we will feel the coolness and tranquility in our hearts, with our record seriously sing with all our hearts.

Music As Medicine
Found that the medical side of music can also be used to help patients forget sejenk's disease he suffered, which is sngat assist in the treatment process being carried out by a doctor.
While classical music can also help children in times of growth, especially with the workings of the brain left in charge of intelligence and intelligence led.
Beethoven, the music world would know who he is. Sniman a legendary musical genius, and most of his day. At the age of 20 years, a decrease Bethoven hearing impaired. But he did not feel it was a reason for her birth works great. It is precisely at the time of hearing impaired, he even produced the great works of what would later be remembered as the world's greatest works. Even many of his generation of music artists can not play his music works at the time. Here we can see how so much influence than the music.

Music is the need
Almost every day we hear the music and, on television, on radio, in supermarkets, wherever we are we can not avoid the name of music. Music as if it was kita.Hanya ear staple we seldom possible seriously to hear and watch, while we need to sort out what is useful and what is not.
Penah music will not fade by the time, while the music remains timeless era adjust progress, development and human needs will continue to accompany the music and will never miss.
Music provides a good influence on when we are positioning it a good place, and music can give a bad influence when we are positioning it in the wrong place.

Music As a Tool Mission
Along with the development of age there are several types of music that formed between the other one Contemporary Music.
In the United States, through the Christian AsosiasiArtistik container, which was pioneered by Cam Floria, in California, the lives of Christian artists who is behind the development of contemporary Christian music trained and equipped as an evangelist. Here is the artist-aris dimuridkan, given the motivation and vision for granted until there is repentance pelayanananya true and real.
That is why they prefer called the "Music Ambassador of God", because they not only preach menyenyi but also through music, testimony, challenging the received sbagai Savior Jesus, praying, counseling, and others. Not infrequently happens in their ministry and miracles of divine healing.
Open concerts they attended not only invented the tens of thousands of people, but to hundreds of thousands of war who listen to the gospel through music, for hours on end without feeling bored. The end of the concert, they were challenged to repent and turn to Jesus. Contemporary Christian music ministry continues to grow up out of the country, all over the world.

Repentance Through Music
So with Contemporary Christian music, some of the interested agencies trying to conduct research on fans and consumers of Contemporary Christian music, and the results are quite surprising, among others:
1. Most of those who repent because of this music, to be faithful Christians and grow, and serve the Lord, many schools in the Bible.
2. Many Christians who originally sang hymns during worship only in churches on Sundays only, and to enjoy doing assorted worldly songs, now like to play and sing Christian songs Contemporary
There are millions of hearts are changed through the songs that contain musical challenges include: anti-abortion, anti-abuse, foster parenting, prevention of natural disasters, famine, evangelism in the third world countries, etc..
Contemporary Christian music made it into the ranks of elite music world and managed to bring the gospel of the premises of their hearts.
Also Contemporary Christian music pekembangan also managed to gather a lot of money to finance a variety of evangelistic activities.

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