Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

know pick up a guitar

Is a transducer, the vibration of the strings to capture converted into electrical current. We know the type of humbucker pickup and single coil.

Single coil has only one magneto only, while the humbucker has two magnetic coils. Both of course have the character of a much different sound. As a result of wearing two coils, humbucker sound thicker, louder volume, and most importantly eliminates noise 60cycle.
Simply pick up must have a minimum of 2 cables, for each has positive and negative poles of the coil. Although many pickups also known as DiMarzio, SeymourDuncan who use 4 conductor wire and 1 ground (total of 5 cable), this variation of only limited use pickup only, no cables means more the better.

Single Coil
Only a 2 conductor cable only., Because it only uses 1 coil. Furthermore one of the wires will be the positive pole and one negative pole. You decide which would be fine, but it should be emphasized both produce different sounds. And the factories often give recommendations which cable should be positive and negative to produce maximum sound.

Has 2 coils with the aim of eliminating noise 60cycle. There humbucker which has 2 wires, 3 wires, 4 wires, and 5 cables. Varies depending on the manufacturer. We will discuss with the 4 conductor humbucker and 1 bare (5 cables), because this is common and widely used.

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